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Is Your Website Online or In Your Head?

Written By: Elizabeth - Jun• 13•11

One of the reasons I’m a self-described website junkie is because I do not see websites as a few pages of text on the internet.  I see and feel them.  I think of them as another baby, as a dream, as an artistic expression of your passions and values.  Websites, in my opinion and experience (having more than a healthy amount), exist mostly in your head.  Not online.

What do I mean?  A website that exists in your head always has room for growth, for new ideas, for ways to grow due to your networking, reading a book, magazine, or watching a TV show and coming up with some spark of an idea.

A website in your head is treated with the respect it deserves.  Instead of putting it up and ignoring it, you’re always looking for how to make it grow, how to understand it better, coming up with innovative ideas, and most importantly, you KNOW your website is touching real lives, hearts, individuals and maybe families.  In that humility and power, you start to get excited for your website, not dread it.  You start to understand that you don’t have to be techie to do awesome things, to express yourself, and to impact people.

You begin to see the social justice side of marketing.  You’ve been given all that education, supervision, and all those clients who put their trust in your new, not-so-effective self require your full self.  And now, unlike times past, you can exist outside your office.  What a gift!

The internet is powerful stuff.  My hope is you get excited, not overwhelmed.  :)

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Elizabeth Doherty Thomas is a national speaker, writer, and consultant on therapy marketing online. Her new company is called The Doherty Relationship Institute and is launching soon.

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