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Should Therapists List Build?

What is listing building?   One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs, including therapists make, is to single-focus on the thing they do and ignore the practice building part of their work.  For us, it’s therapy, for others its whatever their business is.  Some of us also get paid for writing books, designing classes and workshops, […]

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Four Unique Features for Therapy Websites

All websites are not the same!  It’s all about your reader.  Here are some features you should consider if you’re a mental health professional. Available days/times – I don’t mean you have to keep your website super updated, but if you see clients Monday and have never had an opening, it may be better to […]

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Google Ignorance

I will be writing more about “When To Quit a Therapy Directory” but this post is inspired by a very common myth.  The good news is therapists are more aware of the power of Google and “showing up high.”  The bad news is at least eighty percent of the world of Google understanding (SEO, search […]

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A "Flash" based website example

I’m going to put this website in “Great website examples” even though it’s HORRIBLE FROM A SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING standpoint!  I haven’t spent much time on the site but it’s very colorful, engaging, and seems fun as a parent of young children.  I’d get rid of the music (with an option to play it) but […]

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The baggage your web visitor brings

It’s very easy to put out a mini resume of yourself, your services, your fees, hours, etc on your website.  It’s harder but a lot more interesting to think about the PEOPLE who are viewing your website.  I’m in the process of adding great content to my husbands therapy website.  (You know the whole cobblers kids […]

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The Stuff Webmasters Never Tell You

 I’ve officially moved The First Dance website to the new design.  I lost two months of work, a lot of my sanity, and even testing things out, I have pages that aren’t working.  I decided however, to just have a semi-broken new site rather than keep on my old design. So in honor of the […]

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Passion or knowledge?

It’s interesting how therapy is about being “cool.”  What with all the mirror neurons, healthy boundaries, and unbalanced, non-friendship relationship that is therapy, it can be hard to market yourself as a therapist. Some therapists say they “love” working with certain types of people.  Example, “I love working with engaged couples because there is so […]

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Common Website Mistakes

I have a short article on my website on Common Website Mistakes, but I’m now creating its own category on here. There are a ton! I’ll slowly walk through them so it’s not just a “simple bullet point list” but so you understand WHY it is a mistake, or at least understand the nuance of […]

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