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Your Writing Assumptions

Let’s talk about that annoying topic: who is your niche?  Whether you’ve been dragged through those annoying marketing exercises where you need to name your ideal client down to hair color, height, family member names, or not…. it’s extremely important to know who you are writing to! Therapists write to everyone which is like writing […]

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Words On Your Therapy Directories Matter!

Your therapy profile statement matters.  A lot.  Your profile represents hope to people searching for help.  Years ago I found the skills to optimize the therapy directory I run, and from my work, have helped thousands of marriages and families by connecting them with high caliber therapists.  The one thing I can’t do, with all […]

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Are you over-disclosing as a therapist without knowing it?

One of my e-books was getting so hard to write and I finally realized yesterday it’s because it isn’t an e-book. It’s a service. And the topic is based on my shock, awe, horror, gasping experiences at what I can learn about therapists that they may very likely be totally unaware they are exposing. I […]

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Immediacy in Therapy Vs Your Website

I’m reading Irvin Yalom and thoroughly enjoying his stories and advice to a new generation of therapists.  I think it’ll be one I buy (it’s a library book.)  Reading more makes me want to delay finishing my  e-book on writing profiles because I have new metaphors and new ways to explain what therapists do in […]

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Inspiration for Marketing

I think knowledge without energy, motivation, or inspiration is fairly useless.  Inspiration and ideas without strategic follow through is just frustrating.  But blending the two and you can create magic! One of my main values I want to bring to the overall hyper-competitive world of marketing is my ability to *INSPIRE* therapists.   When I can […]

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Who are your web customers?

I finally found a tech company I trust to redo my entire Marriage Friendly Therapists website.  It’s always interesting how different people have different perceived goals of a website.  They were asking me about shipping and this fancy tool they have.  Nope, not our business model to be a mini-Amazon for books.  Eventually they got […]

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Money : Making It or Sharing It

This blog is inspired by my own natural progression in the world of the internet.  It started out writing a book with my father and along the way we’ve hit a lot of bumps and frustrations and fantastic questions regarding being a “merchant” selling stuff. Our audience is engaged couples, parents of engaged couples, marriage […]

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New E-book!

I just wrote my first e-book!  It gets to a theme I see over and over, where people (therapists and educators)  are lost on what to do with their website, how to even begin thinking about their options.  Either they have the TIME but no money (or are too frugal), or they have MONEY but […]

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