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What a Therapy Website Can Be

The Co-Founder of Marriage Friendly Therapists is Kathleen Wenger, whom I get the joy of seeing about once a year in Laguna Beach.  She works at Pepperdine University, where this therapist intern went to school.  This is how I know this guy early in his still-young career experienced burnout after highly successful internet marketing.  I […]

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Great Website Example: Content

I just wanted to share this therapy website.  Obviously I like it in part because she does a lot of things I want more therapists to do.  For example, instead of having bullet points of human suffering, have DETAILS, articles, content, describe how you help people with those presenting problems.  I say on this blog […]

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Beautiful website design example

I just found another gorgeous therapy website design.  Of course design is like art…HIGHLY Personal.  I’m unabashedly a fan of the color red.  I even have a rule in life that if I am trying to decide between two items (usually clothing), to ALWAYS chose the red.  Colors are very personal.  But therapy is also […]

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A "Flash" based website example

I’m going to put this website in “Great website examples” even though it’s HORRIBLE FROM A SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING standpoint!  I haven’t spent much time on the site but it’s very colorful, engaging, and seems fun as a parent of young children.  I’d get rid of the music (with an option to play it) but […]

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Great therapy website design

This website has personality, especially the about page!  There are lots of little things she could be doing to enhance her website separate from the design.  For example, if you put your mouse over any of the pages, you’ll notice they’re labeled by number.  Those page names, or “file names”, should be rich with the […]

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Great website for Branding

This website on adoption is the kind of website where I’d be jumping for joy working with them to improve their website content and marketing.  They have one of the most important ingredients: a brand or niche. I can’t tell you how rare this is in the therapy world and how, if I were in LA and […]

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2 Great Website Examples (Visual reviews)

Without going into a full “personalized web review” for people not asking for them, I’m going to continue to share websites that demonstrate the UNIQUE look you can have on your therapy website.  I would have a lot of suggestions for them if they were interested, so I’m not endorsing all the search engine, organization, […]

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Great Website Example

While the overal visual look of this website isn’t “fantastic”, I love so much about this site – It provides amazingly detailed help for EVERY concievable type of issue he as a budget expert sees people struggle with, he has quizzes, ways to connect via Facebook or Twitter, he has a “What’s Next” on the […]

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Great Parenting Website

I happened upon this site from the Exhibitor page for the Smart Marriages conference.  WOW!  I wanted to blog about it because it demonstrates some great examples of things I teach in my CD’s!  Honestly it makes me frustrated for my site, The First Dance, which I want to do so much to but have limited […]

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