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What’s so scary for therapists about marketing?

Marketing for therapists: Truth Edition I’m now doing a task that two weeks ago, I kid you not, I was chest-thumping, breath-removingly nervous to do.  I had come up with lots of reasons to wait, some super legit and others really dumb. I wasn’t sure exactly what my problem was.  I think sure, some of […]

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When your website pulls you in a direction

For all my education on websites, it is still amazing to me, as I discuss in my content training, how your website traffic will tell you a story. You may not want to hear it (nobody reads the pages you spent HOURS crafting), or you may not want it (I get a ton of therapy […]

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Critical Eyes For Your Website

So here we have it.  Mrs. Website Guru has done SOME Of what she preaches.  I’ve noticed some changes by paying attention.  But that is where it ended.  I just found out last night I had somehow wiped out a chunk of my website that is on TONS of pages that gives our book link […]

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