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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I ran into a FANTASTIC solution to find images for your website.  Yes, therapysites and others have huge libraries.  That’s great.  But if you’re not a member and need photos for brochures, business card, website… this is what I’m using for the Marriage Friendly Therapist website makeover. Head over to  I am going to […]

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New Website in 8 Hours

One of the ongoing issues with ones website is that things change.  You change.  Technology changes.  Your client base changes.  And yet without work, your website stays the same.  It may simply be the coloring and images are really outdated.  Or perhaps, as happened to us, you thought you’d have a simple website and end […]

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Beautiful website design example

I just found another gorgeous therapy website design.  Of course design is like art…HIGHLY Personal.  I’m unabashedly a fan of the color red.  I even have a rule in life that if I am trying to decide between two items (usually clothing), to ALWAYS chose the red.  Colors are very personal.  But therapy is also […]

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A "Flash" based website example

I’m going to put this website in “Great website examples” even though it’s HORRIBLE FROM A SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING standpoint!  I haven’t spent much time on the site but it’s very colorful, engaging, and seems fun as a parent of young children.  I’d get rid of the music (with an option to play it) but […]

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Why Web Design and Organization of your Content Matters

This is my first video for you all!  It’s six minutes and goes through THREE versions of The First Dance.  I’m frantically trying to get this last design “live” and it’s taking a lot of attention to detail. I teach others all these concepts and am finally DOING them myself!  A design that catches my […]

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Website "mapping" from an old to new website

If you have, or will, ever go through a “redesign” of a website, chances are very high your webmaster is going to start fresh.  They are going to use the names THEY are used to using to name pages.  For example, is it contact, or contact-us.  Is it About, or About-Us.  These seem like minor […]

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A new website design

When my father and I launched The First Dance, we had a DVD (individual for couples and a 2 hour class.)  We still have those.  But we had just a few pages, mostly “corporate” FAQ, About Us, Contact Us.  Not innovative.  And mostly a failure.  That is, until I got really frustrated knowing we had […]

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Web Design

If you’re like me, you don’t know or have the skills to make a website pretty.  And if you’re like me, you may not be at the place where you want to spend thousands of dollars for the “perfectly designed” website.  I’m stuck trying to find a great, Free, WordPress design.  I stumbled across this […]

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Death by stones, bamboo, oceans, and sunsets

I’ve decided the “finding a therapist” world is like finding an online dating ad.  The ads, or therapy websites, stick to the stereotypical stuff.  For understandable reasons, therapists are all about stones, bamboo, oceans, sunsets, couples holding hands, waterfalls. Oh – and how can I forget, the butterfly! There is nothing wrong with all that, […]

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