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Psychology Today Ad "No-No’s"

I am pointing out Psychology Today ads for three main reasons.  One, they’re one of the largest out there, but my information pertains to all advertising.  Two, they allow groups to join rather than just individuals.  Three, they’re open ended as far as the type of therapy you can do to be listed.  Obviously I […]

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Important To-Do!

I would have to say a good 20% or more of therapy website links I “follow” are broken (meaning they go nowhere), the website never loads (so weird), the website page result says “we no longer host websites”, or there are two http in the name so it not only doesn’t load, but I have […]

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Psychology Today Ads – interesting research

I have seen various links to my husbands marriage counseling website on his website traffic from his Psychology Today Ad.  I just ignore the details and summarize all the visits. But just yesterday I realized something important.  The links TELL you something interesting!  It appears there are two links you’ll see, though I wish there […]

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Really good article on Social Media

I LOVE Wordtracker newsletters.  They never let me down, they always inspire, and perhaps because they’re really about the intelligent research end of marketing, it feed my analytical brain with great information. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook as a therapist or marriage educator, let me know.  I’d love to know how you use […]

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What to Know About Websites

Hello blog readers.  I apologize in advance for being self promoting, but every ONCE in a while I will discuss what I SELL and why I spend so much time doing this blog, website, and why I spent hundreds of hours developing my trainings. There is a lot to know about a website.  This isn’t […]

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Website Tip on Advertising Your Website

Here’s a good tip, sort of related to my last website tip. If you’re like most therapists you have SO many various “groups” you help.  When advertising on a website, consider who goes to it.  Whether you’re on a website that specializes in a group, like Marriage Counseling Specialists, or any other website, why not direct […]

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Relationship Building: Paying for links

To clarify more from my last post, it’s often easiest to pay to be listed on another persons website.   We have done this for The First Dance, until I got the search engine optimization so high that I not only rank higher than expensive websites, but those websites are wedding focused and did not yield […]

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Step one in Therapy Website Marketing: Who Do You Know?

As I stumbled upon the phrase, “psychotherapy private practice”, knowing it generates decent Google traffic, I nab the name.  Someone has the “dot com” version but I like WordPress blogs anyway and the name is so important! But lest you think simply having a great domain name is the golden ticket, without relationships (ie Links) […]

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