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Google Ignorance

I will be writing more about “When To Quit a Therapy Directory” but this post is inspired by a very common myth.  The good news is therapists are more aware of the power of Google and “showing up high.”  The bad news is at least eighty percent of the world of Google understanding (SEO, search […]

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Who are your web customers?

I finally found a tech company I trust to redo my entire Marriage Friendly Therapists website.  It’s always interesting how different people have different perceived goals of a website.  They were asking me about shipping and this fancy tool they have.  Nope, not our business model to be a mini-Amazon for books.  Eventually they got […]

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Where is your website traffic? A guide

I was asked by a therapist where she can find her website traffic.  So here is the long, complex, simplified, confusing answer.  Ready? We need to break you down by type.  I’ll start with those who can edit their own websites then move on to those who have a webmaster. If you can edit your […]

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