SEO for Therapists

How does a therapist get high quality,

free website traffic that fills their private practice?

“SEO”, search engine optimization is not just about keywords, but a way of thinking, a mindset, a strategy, and a belief that gaining clients is an ongoing journey, a marathon, not a sprint. Unlike other industries, SEO for therapists requires a very nuanced understanding of the profession, of ethics codes, of the business model of therapy, and how to wrap together today’s reality (perhaps needing clients) with tomorrows desire (say, selling a book.)

But it’s not just about getting traffic. It’s about converting them into CLIENTS. We’ll walk through everything I help therapists with on their personalized website reviews.

I wasted thousands of dollars in advertising before I learned SEO. Frustrated, demoralized, I took up the task of learning SEO. Nobody ever warned me how addicting, fun, and mesmerizing this stuff can really be. And the best part, if done well, you get ongoing, free clients, no matter how passive you are.

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SEO for therapists training

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SEO = search engine optimization = ranking high on Google for free

I run two high ranking therapy website directories that rank high and convert thousands of web visitors into therapy clients. I find SEO so ridiculous fun that I spent many hours assembling this training for you to get skilled, inspired, and excited! (After years of doing the work with great results.) You may find your webmaster doesn’t know SEO and you may have gotten a quote on hiring it out. One phrase alone I was quoted as costing $250 PER MONTH, every month!

Read how Renee Segal gets 3-4 new clients a month from this one time purchase! Her Testimonial here!

My therapist husband gets a new intake every week, all thanks to his search engine traffic and a well crafted website that doesn’t just generate calls, but intakes.

You will learn and find energy around:

  • How to get high quality, free website traffic
  • Learn about therapy branding and how to not be a commodity
  • Learn a ton of ways to market for FREE, learn how to assess your options and how to link your website
  • Find inspiration on what to write on your website (that white page is a killer, isn’t it!)
  • Discover how to organize your website to maximize your Google love AND attract more clients
  • Choosing a website name (domain name) that gives you Google love, great branding and fits your short versus long term therapy goals

This audio series is 100% designed for therapists, not generic businesses. I successfully use SEO and launched my husbands therapy practice using SEO. I run a high ranking therapy directory and a high ranking premarital website.

I have 4 separate trainings (see below) and offer a 100% money back guarantee.

$247 for the Entire Bundle (MP3 Instant-Download)

SEO for therapists training

With the audios you can listen over and over and learn something new each time. The one word that does NOT describe my trainings is “empty” or “fluff,” There is no extra upselling, no beating around the bush. I lay it ALL out.

And unlike most audio trainings, you’ll have NO delay in chit chat, upselling, beeps of people getting on a telephone line, weird noises, etc. (I was in a professional recording studio.)


Domain Names

Domain Names

There is a lot of strategy in your website name! It’s always useful to understand the strategy behind website names for any future ventures or products/services you offer.

What You’ll Learn for Today’s Needs and All Your Future Needs:

  • Three common categories people consider for their website name
  • Whether your website name should be your company name
  • The short versus long term strategies to consider in your domain name
  • How to get maximum Google Juice for your website (and warnings about this!)
  • An important lesson on when and why you’d want to buy several domain names


Website Content

Website Content

A website design means NOTHING if you don’t have awesome words! I balance the importance of pleasing Google and your reader as we walk through all the very complex elements of writing, finding inspiration, finding the tone, and how much to write.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How and why to write (it may seem obvious, but it’s not!)
  • How to find inspiration and energy to write
  • Confirm people are actually READING your content (and what to do when they aren’t!)
  • How to get more people to read your content
  • Getting the attention of Google
  • Gain more confidence on what a website is really about and how to tackle the job of writing!


Website Therapy Marketing

Website Marketing Free and Low Cost

Few professionals in mental health really understand website marketing in terms of why website links to your website are important, how to figure out which websites to pay or list on free, and why it’s crucial to link in a special way to maximize your potential search engine traffic to your own website (people who find YOU even though you’re paying to be listed on other websites!)

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand why marketing your website is important
  • Figure out where to market for free, and the “cost of free”
  • Get inside knowledge as someone who runs a therapy directory
  • Learn from my website marketing failures (save thousands!)
  • Get a fabulous tool that shows you where others advertise

Website Organization

Website OrganizationAll the best marketing of your website, with tons of great content matter not if your website organization is chaotic, confusing, or poorly organized. You may be losing prospective clients today because of how your website is organized, or you may not be selling yourself as well as you could. People may not even be finding some fabulous article you think everyone would benefit from.

Are people doing what you want on your website? Organization tips, tricks, and a better understanding of how a website is put together is going to put you above almost all your colleagues! You’ll learn the questions to ask about every page on your website to ensure your content (and time) packs the most punch.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Rethink the flow of your website (or even become aware of “flow”!)
  • Lots of tips on how to arrange everything you want to share
  • Get some core ideas of how websites are or can be organized (most therapists don’t know their options!)
  • Learn the questions to ask about every page on your website
  • Understand what Google things of your websites organization


Get over three hours of deep learning (no fluff, no upselling, just tons of learning with a money back guarentee) for $247

SEO for therapists training

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